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April 26 2017

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April 20 2017

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July 05 2015

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I need this. Aus Gründen.
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June 30 2015

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June 18 2015

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June 17 2015

June 15 2015

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May 01 2015

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March 26 2015

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February 03 2015

January 30 2015

January 06 2015

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December 28 2014

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December 23 2014

December 14 2014

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I noticed some writing on my godfather’s shirt. I asked him to please hold still so I could read it. Well, then.

I need this shirt.

December 08 2014

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i’m going to start a fashion line called FAKEGEEK and its sole purpose will be to produce tshirts that will piss off nerds

throwing 50’s of dollars at your face 

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